Our New Skateboarding SHOP!

Our New Skateboarding SHOP!

Welcome to our NEW home!

17 Waterbeer Street Exeter EX43EH

As most of our locals will be aware we had plans to build an indoor skatepark above our old shop but after keeping us hanging on for over six months and a lot of corporate bull***t they decided not to let us go ahead... We can only apologise for this as it was a fantastic idea with the backing of large investors (Who are still keen to invest once we find a new venue) and over 3000 signed support signatures! The amount of support blew us away so as massive thank you for everyone who signed and the support shown.

Unfortunately the old shop was to expensive (including a big "Service Charges") and that fact they wouldn't split the shops left us no choice but to move... Luckily for us the shop right across the road was free and our agents &  landlords have given us and awesome deal going forward, Its nice to see a landlord thats actually proactive to rent their shops and KEEP their tenants so a massive thank you to them also.

Anyway enough of that.... WE ARE OPEN!!! 

See you all soon!

The Boarding House Team 🤘🏻