Fancy DIY-ing Your Skateboard Deck?

Here are some of the best artwork that we have seen on boards

Have you ever looked at someone else’s skateboard and thought to yourself? I wish mine looked half as good as theirs? Or maybe you have felt frustrated that you just cannot find the right design for your board?

If either of these things is true for you, then you may want to think about buying a blank skateboard deck. As you can imagine, these are a great blank canvas for you to unleash your creativity on. But, what if inspiration isn’t quite striking for you?

Let us help you with some of the most awesome DIY skateboard designs that we have seen

Mandala Art

skateboard mandala designs skateboarding hand drawn deck skate decks with mandala

Mandala art is usually seen in colouring books, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t work on a skateboard too. The great thing about mandala patterns is that they are easy enough to create, they are circular in their style, and they are repetitive, which most of us can manage.

Not only this, but they can be as simplistic as you want them to be, using a variety of colours or no colour at all. It really is down to you.

Text Designs

skateboard deck logo designs skateboarding decks skate shop devon

Images are great and all, but sometimes you are going to need words to really say what you are feeling. Text is great for skateboard designs because it is easy to do, and the design can stay really simple.

You just need to remember that whatever you put on your deck, you are going to have to stick with, so perhaps stay away from anything that is too cringe-inducing. Else you may end up leaving your board behind.

Doodle Designs

skateboard hand drawn scribble design skate shop devon skateboarding

If you are particularly arty and enjoy drawing, this skill definitely can transfer to your skateboard. We love the idea of doodle designs as they can be anything that you want them to be, and, as the nature of doodles is nice and straightforward, you don’t have to worry too much about what you are creating.

The only thing you will need to do is to make sure you have the suitable drawing materials and that you are happy to let your creativity flow freely too.


graffiti skateboard deck skate shop exeter devon skate shop near me skateboard skateboarding decks

Rather than being something ugly and unsightly, we know that graffiti can be a great way to brighten up any space when it is done right, of course. Graffiti not only works on a wall somewhere, but this particular style can also be great on skateboards too.

You can spray on a design or just lettering, whatever you feel like, and it is not only going to look amazing, but it is a great creative outlet for you too.

If you are ready to see what kind of board you can create, why not start by buying one of our blank boards? They are the ultimate way to make sure that you love your board even more than you already do!

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