Build a Skateboard?

A skateboard consists of six parts; the deck, Grip tape, trucks, wheels, bearings & hardware, complete skateboard, skate board, skateboard shop devon, the boarding house exeter

The deck is what provides the surface area that the wheels roll over. The trucks are the pieces that connect the wheels to the board and provide stability. Finally, the wheels are the piece that actually moves the skateboard. There are many different types of skateboards out there including longboards, cruiser boards, street skaters, downhill skaters, and trick skaters.

2. Wheels : The wheels are the final piece of any skateboard. Wheels are the part of the skateboard that provides traction and control. There are many different sizes and shapes of wheels depending on how they are intended to be used. In general, smaller wheels are faster while larger wheels offer greater stability. When buying wheels always make sure that they have the same size as the deck you are getting. If not, then you may need to get some wheel spacers.

3. Deck : Deck refers to the top layer of material on a skateboard. Decks can vary in length and width based on personal preference. Most decks are constructed of either maple or birch. Maple is lighter weight and stronger than birch but both offer the perfect platform

4. Trucks : Trucks refer to the components that connect the wheels to your skateboard. There are several different types of trucks including the following: Independent, Clampdown, Pin, and Riser. Each of these terms describes the way that the truck connects to the deck. Independent means that the deck and the truck are separate pieces. Clampdown trucks have a clamp down design where the trucks are attached directly to the deck. Pin trucks use a pin design where the pins attach directly to the deck. Risers use a combination of both a clamp down and pin design. Make sure that you buy trucks that are compatible with your skateboard. You don't want to spend money on a deck only to find out that it doesn't work with the trucks you bought.

5. Bearings : Bearings are the components located inside of the trucks that allow them to turn. Bearings come in two varieties, ball bearings and roller bearings. Ball bearings are commonly used in cheaper skateboards whereas roller bearings are preferred in higher quality skateboards. Either type of bearing works fine in almost any skateboard. However, if you plan on skating on pavement, then roller bearings are recommended.

6. Hardware : Hardware refers to the bolts and locknuts that hold the trucks onto the deck. Skate hardware comes in various lengths, colours, and finishes. Keep in mind that black is the standard colour for hardware. Other popular colours include red, blue, silver, and gold.

7. Baseplate : A baseplate is the metal plate that attaches the wheels to the bottom of the skateboard. There is a hole in the centre of the baseplate that accepts the axle of the wheel. The baseplate should be about half an inch wide and just under an inch tall.